03 March 2015

Thank you! I'm a chicken.

For a very long time I have had a dream of being able to sell my creations.  From crochet goods, to paintings, to prints of paintings, to postcards, to dresses and hand bags.  The list really does go on.

The honest truth about it all is that I'm too chicken to show my stuff.  What if it's not that cool?  What if it's a flop?  What if no one likes my stuff?  How embarrassing!


But... I love what I do.  I know that you love it, too.  I love that you are inspired by what I do, to do what you love to do.

Now, slowly, as I get things made and patterns perfected, I'm going to put them up in my online shop.  As I get more requests for Wedding Invitation design, logo design, custom art work, I get a little more confident to show off and advertise and my God-given talent.

I would be humbled if you took a moment to have a look through my Hollymayb Shop, and if there is something there that inspires you, would you take a moment to like or share or pin?  Maybe give me some suggestions?  Constructive criticism, I'll take it.

I especially want to thank YOU for supporting me along this journey, whether by encouraging words, pinning and sharing, or even going as far as investing in my art work.

Your support means SO much to me, and I am honored that you enjoy my art and creations as much as me!

Thank you!



  1. Your shop is lovely Holly and you are super clever! x

  2. LOVE it Holly! Wohoooo girlfriend!!

  3. Spent some time on your "cartel" and I covet those earrings sooooo much

  4. I have always been a fan and am so stoked for you! Well done you!!!


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