05 August 2015

I miss you, Chch bloggers

I began blogging in 2011 when I was pregnant.  Since then, I've met a lot of bloggers, most of them through the awesome Miriam (who has a couple of blogs, one here) with the help of Sophie (blogs here), who both have a talent at getting people together, to just hang out and love on each other.  Some of the bloggers that would meet up would blog as a job, some would blog to advertise their makings and shop, others would blog to share how they manage life and kids, still, others would blog just because they wanted to, for fun, for a journal, for themselves.

On moving to Arizona and trying to find that same blogging community, it's been a little different.  I've been looking for the 'Miriam' of Gilbert, here, but so far, I haven't found her.  Either I'm not looking hard enough, or what I've learned is correct.  I hope I just haven't looked hard enough.

I have found a ton of bloggers, that's for sure.  I've found that almost all of their blogs are their jobs.  Having a blog as a job, an income, is awesome, don't get me wrong.  It's just that I find myself not really able to get into the blogging community here because it feels like all the blogging 'get-togethers' are about "how to make your blog work financially", "how to attract more followers", "how to regularly post to get the regular return readers", etc.  Even though I would like all of the above, it's not the reason I blog.  If I made it the reason I blog, then I probably wouldn't blog at all.

I guess what I'm saying is, Miriam, I'm just missing you and all the bloggy friends in New Zealand!  Even though you're now in Aussie.

I haven't found anything that remotely resembles a coffee-catch up like we had in New Zealand; one where everyone feels like they're instantly in the group of friends, where it doesn't matter if you post a blog once a day or once a year, you're still 'in', where you are included and truly feel like you are a  friend and an important person in the group of friends.

I don't know if I should try and organize one or not.  That would probably be too much pressure on me.  I seriously don't work well (or at all) under pressure.

I have made contact with a couple of bloggers here in Arizona, but not a lot has come from it and I don't want to email and sound desperate.  (Please be my friend, pleeeaaassee?) Tehehe.  BUT, if you're a blogger in or near Gilbert, Arizona, and you know of a few bloggers that hang out just because they're bloggers, then email me, please, I'd love to hang out, too!  OR if you might be interested in hanging out once a month or so, let's start something awesome!  It's been 8 months now, and I have one amazing friend.  Just one.  Maybe I'm greedy but, I want more.  

I might even think about starting a new blog that can link us bloggers up and get an online community together.  Don't worry, I'll keep this one going.  This blog is my special little thang.



  1. Awh Holly - don't worry, things aren't what they used to be here. With the crossing of the ditch for Miriam, meet ups and events haven't really happened like they used to. Theres been a few, but.... Miriam does have a special gift for such things! :)

    Try starting small - email 3 or 4 people and let them know you're new to the area and you'd love to have them over (or a cafe??) for a meet up, maybe include something fun like a little swap, or a gift or something for each to do - which helps spur on conversation on the day. :)


  2. I hope you can capture some of the chch vibe in Arizona. I remember fondly those years, but its as Sophie said, people move, change, grow.....

  3. Holly xxxxx thank you so much for your beautiful, encouraging words! xx We Christchurch bloggers had a very special thing going on and I think there was a generosity of spirit in people that made it work. Being new anywhere sucks a bit but it does get better. I miss our bloggy get togethers too xxxx loving you across the miles x

  4. We miss you too xoxo And Sophie is right, a Miriam is hard to find :)

  5. I miss the ChCh bloggy vibe too - and I've never even gotten to be a part of it (except that one time in ChCh for the conf). I think the bloggy community all over the place has changed from being just about the fun and connection, and become more commercial. Most of the bloggy friends i made in the early days are not even/hardly ever blogging.
    But there are a couple of us that meet up, every now and then for coffee/dinner and when we do, we don't talk numbers of post reach - we just hang out. The Whangarei girls are good like that too! I really hope you can find a group of pals to hang with Holly. I know if i was there in Arizona, I'd come hang out for sure! x

  6. You also need to remember there was a unique spirit of togetherness in Christchurch in those Earthquake years, that even forvthose of us still here has been lost somewhat. I may not be able to meet you for a coffee but rest assured I still read your posts and you're still part of us.

  7. Oh being in a new place is so hard :( I am sure in time you will establish a new circle. I think ultimately finding like minded bloggers are like finding like minded friends and things go from there... Otherwise it's blogging business. Thinking of you x


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