07 August 2015

Little Squares of Strength

I've been following the pretty pictures of Tea and Fleur on Instagram (@teaandfleur)  and was so excited to join this sweet project.  I can't remember who tagged me initially, but Thank You!

Little Squares of Strength
(quote from @teaandfleur via instagram)
"This project is about women from all walks of life, all over the world, joining hearts, and hand crafting a little square, symbolic of love and strength and encouragement, and acknowledgement that we are all on this journey together."

After Fleur (who blogs here) receives all the squares, she will carefully join them all together to make a beautiful blanket, which will represent "much strength, and the wonderful support that we have for one another."  People will send in their squares and others will send in nominations for whom they think deserves the blanket and one will be chosen.

If you look up #littlesquaresofstrength you'll find some beautiful pictures of what people are putting together.  There's crochet, knitting, embroidery, and who knows what else it'll be made up of.

I'm just a bit excited.  I found the pattern for this pretty heart through Pinterest.


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