10 August 2015


That moment when you decide not to check a pen color in the store, because it might be bad manners, then you get home and try it out... only to find it really is 'terra cotta' like it says on the label (and not the pretty coral color that was printed on the label).  Silly me.

I love peonies.  I bought this fake one... it's beautiful, it's going to stay beautiful, and I'm probably going to buy more.  Here it sits wedged in the edge of our couch... that I also use for a yarn/project shelf.  My husband is not amused.

That nail polish.  But, that knitting.  Just a simple little project, garterstitch.

We went to our first ever Diamond Backs baseball game.  It was awesome.  Our 4yr old lasted the whole 9 innings.  Sadly though, the game was a draw and they went into the 10th inning.  We listened on the radio as we drove away.  D-Backs won!

I feel like it's been too long since I sat down and played with my dip-pens.  Honestly, probably about a week.  That's still too long.

I hope you all have an awesome week!



  1. Lovely to have a little slice of your life, the search for the perfect coral continues....funnily enough I have a hankering for a textile (cushions) in that shade, but alas-same problem

    1. Thanks Nin! Yes... it's hard finding the perfect coral!

  2. Reading your post reminded me that when I started school, I was taught to write with fountain pens. Everyone did, I think - it was some kind of a "must do" part of elementary school, I think. Did you? Write with a fountain pen as a kid? I remember having ink on my fingers from it, and first having a pen that had a very sharp end which scratched paper and blurted out ink (hence ink on fingers), until we bought another one which was a little more expensive but worked better. I remember having to have those ink cartridges in my pencil case...

  3. Love these snippets! hoorah for fun games and projects and beautiful flowers xx


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