12 September 2015

How to weave in the ends of your crochet project

I made an amateur video for my youtube channel.  It sounds so fancy, "My YouTube Channel."  I recorded it on my phone, the lighting was a little too yellowy (is that a word?), but hey, it's clear and you can view it in HD if you want.

How to weave in the ends of your crochet to make the join almost invisible, as you can see (or not see) in this pic below.

This is my favourite way to finish off my crochet projects, granny squares etc.  It's tidy, it's clean.

Next week I plan on sharing my favourite join-as-you-go technique.  The photo below is an example of this type of join, the cotton I used and how much crochet I managed to get out of one 100gm ball.  All of the joining was crocheted in the final round of the square.

I'm looking forward to improving my video techniques, too.  I'll have to figure out the lighting... I might need to "simply" move my desk to the window.

See you guys next week!!


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