08 December 2015

Christmas is here

Has it really been that long?!

I've been so busy the last couple of months, namely baking a sweet little baby boy.  Making calendars, crocheting so many different things, painting, crafting, making.  I guess, just the usual.  Here are a few photos from my instagram reel that you might like to have a look at.

If you're interested in a little peek into my online 'wares, go check out my Etsy shop Room to Flourish.  The coloring-book I'm in the process of making, is currently on hold until next year.  I've done about 15 drawings that I love, but I feel like I need about 30 drawings before I'll feel like that's just enough.  Would you be interested in digital images, eg pdfs, if I were to list them individually?

In no apparent order:

A pretty painting (listed on Etsy). 

A quilt top, work in progress.  I'm working on buying pretty backing fabric. 

Another work in progress, a crochet blanket.  It's up to 20 squares, each one about 13inches wide. 

Some Christmas Bunting/Garland that I 'whipped up'. 

Some Christmas Tree decorations, listed in my Etsy shop, too. 

 Playing with watercolor paints.  They turned out so pretty, this photo doesn't really do it justice.

Some more things, made with love, listed in my Etsy shop

A little flat-lay (?) of my beside table, getting that calendar to 'work it'. 

Another play with watercolor, but also sharing a special verse to encourage. 

Enjoying the sun, crochet coasters I made, a cute bow, and my favorite pillow case. 

A picture of  my awesome bag (thank you Mum!) and a cute beanie I made.  Sitting in the sun on a cool morning. 

My son and I made the Christmas cards this year.  We both had a lot of fun! 

I prepared a pattern of an Elf beanie I made, and successfully published it.  Crochet pattern available here

I enjoyed an evening of steam blocking my crochet coasters and crocheting some earrings. 

 I began making a doll.  Just because I want to.  She'll get a wardrobe soon!

A close-up of my desk-top calendars

And last, but not least, some pyjamas I whipped up for my little boy (who loves them, phew!).

Have a Merry Christmas!!!!


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  1. So much pretty!!! Love the coral and aqua combo's - so pretty. Love the look of your calendar - well done you! Gorgeous makes all round Holly - what a productive period for you. Have a wonderful Christmas in the US! xx


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