09 April 2013

Painting and Sewing... again

If you're in New Zealand, and you're a blogger, chances are, you've heard about Bloggers Connecting, right?  Which mean, you might have also heard about Craft Love Festival, right?

Craft Love Festival is the second market that I've been a part of organising.  It's turning out to be loads of fun - even much more fun than the first one since this time I'm helping the amazing Hazel of Hazel Love Design.  Together we're making it happen this Friday evening in a school hall in Mairehau, Christchurch.

My point is, I've just finished the 'PARKING' sign.

Not quite finished in this pic.  I was waiting for the heart to dry so I can finish the 'ft', then sew the sides and ties on.

A little bit of sewing and a little bit of painting.  This cover is going straight over the top of the sign for the first market.  Clever?  Yes, well, I think so.

I'll find out on the night just how clever I've been, here's hoping people can SEE the sign, it's probably going to be a bit dark.

And, (more painting) the following night (rolling into Bloggers Connecting here), I'll be setting up a photobooth with some handmade props, a feather boa and maybe some funny hats.

I have SO enjoyed making stuff for these two very important events this weekend.  I can't wait to get a pic with the green sunnies, and perhaps the bow tie as well!



  1. This is fab! Love the photobooth idea!

  2. thanks for all your hard work Holly! Can't wait, its going to be a great market.

    1. Yeah the whole weekend is going to be awesome!!

  3. Love the sign and photo booth props!!


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