15 September 2013

Can you bake?

Last week was a bit of a non-event.

I did go to an awesome craft group on Tuesday night.  I sat and did a little crochet.  Mostly I just lay on the floor and chatted.  It was nice to relax with like-minded ladies, without having any motherly responisibilies.

Unfortunately, after I got home, I began to feel sick.  Really sick.  So sick that I ended up letting all of my dinner go, three good times, and got very little sleep.  In turn, I was left feeling yuck for the next couple of days, taking things slowly.  I think what happened was I hadn't been careful enough when preparing our dinner that night.  I promise, I'm being very careful now.

I didn't get a chance at all last week to get the display cabinet (episode 1 - episode 2) out of the house and into the garage.  Today I asked the hubby to help me re-locate it, so it's in the garage.  This week I'll be finishing the final (oh-so-easy) glossy spray coat.  Hooray!

If you're wondering if I have been crocheting much this week, then wonder no more:  I have indeed been crocheting.  I've added some more to this pretty blue blanket, I've begun another blanket... yet to be photographed, I bought a beautiful crochet pattern (which I just noticed isn't the one I bought, this is the beautiful blanket here, and it's just as beautiful) and made a baby-blanket to donate to The Sisterhood.

Which brings me to my next topic...

If you're a baker, and you feel like being a ninja, but mostly if you feel like gifting baking in a ninja-fashion (leave it on the doorstep, knock and run styles), then this is your project!  Visit the Ninja Bake Rego page and see what Sophie suggests re baking.

I don't know if I should be one to enter seeing as my baking skills aren't that hot.

Now, if you just visited my Epic FAIL of a baking session, then I'll leave you here with a couple of photos to match the last photo in that post...

Except that this is dirt.  Not chocolate cake.



  1. I'm going to join in with the Ninja Bakeoff too. I can bake But I tend to be a bit clumsy, so I won't be surprised if I face plant of someones doorstep xo

  2. oh I so thought it was chocolate cake - but really dirt/chocolate cake it's all the same to a toddler/small child right?

  3. Hope you are feeling a whole lot better! Yay for Ninja moves :)

  4. lol!! you fooled me with the photo...though it looks like my lil girl was more on to it than I, as the first thing she did was laugh at how the boy had been eating dirt! ewww! hahaha
    Hope you're on the mend now too :)


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