27 May 2015

The latest makings...

For years (at least 2) I have been dreaming of a work-horse sewing machine, and recently my dream came true!

My first project was simple: bias binding, then sew it onto my favorite 'blankie'.

I bought some leather machine needles because my next project will be a simple little purse made from hair-on leather.  Leather that I've also had my eye on for a loooong time, but being sold in the US, I had to wait until I got here.  And, I'm planning on making a bright and simple quilt for our own bed in pastels: blue, coral, grey, yellow, white.

My machine needs a pretty quilted cover too, so I might have a go at paper piecing with a pattern or two of Juliet's, The Tartan Kiwi.  I really like the Swallow or the Tomtit, but I wonder if there is a better one to sew for a beginner paper-piecer?

I've been knitting cushion covers.  I love how quickly these knit up on my 12mm circular, pretty, green, aluminium needles.  I love the simplicity of the knitting texture.

A GIANT blanket, oh-so-soft, and in the photo, unfinished.  I finished it last night and will be listing it in my shop once I get a couple of pretty photos of it.  The pattern for this is designed by Goodknits and can be found here to purchase.  She has designed quite a few really pretty patterns!



  1. Exciting! so many things on the go and whoopee for having a sparkly new machine! Once you get the hang of paper piecing you'll love it - and Juliet's patterns are fab x

  2. Sooo clever! I especially LOVE that knitted cushion cover!


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