28 March 2017

My new handbag

Triva for the day: What New Zealanders call a 'hand bag', Americans call a 'purse'.  And what New Zealanders call a 'purse', Americans call a 'wallet'.  And what New Zealanders call a 'wallet', Americans also call a 'wallet.  Ha!

Bag reveal!

I made a pretty bag.  It started as the most beautiful jelly roll of batiks I had ever seen.  Pictured with a skirt I was about to finish.  Nb skirt is not hemmed and is too big for me.  I'm sad.  But, look at the pretty fabric inside the pockets.  Yay!

Then I took a progress shot of my half-square triangles.  And for the life of me, I can't make this photo look right whichever way 'up' I put it!

Gooing and gaaaing over the prettiness.

As I began to big-stitch hand-quilt it, it just didn't look right.  The big stitches were getting lost or trying to take over the designs on the fabric, it was just too complicated and messy-looking for me.  There was too much going on so I un-picked and tried something else.

I began stitching in the ditch.  It stopped competing for attention, it looked tidy.  I knew I had made the right decision.  My tools of the trade are: Thread Heaven, it's a gell-like stuff that you drag your thread through to help it not tie up in knots while sewing, conditions the thread so it lasts longer, also helps with thread drag so it lessens fatigue when sewing.  No 12 Cotton.  Thicker than sewing machine thread, thinner than crochet cotton.  My bent needle.  I have no idea what kind of needle it is, but it's long, thin and has a reasonable size eye (not so small that it's hard to thread). EDIT:  It's a quilters basting needle. 

Another in-progress shot. My, isn't that a beautiful quilt in the background?  Tehehe.

Ohhh, so pretty.  The way batik fabric just is.  I think I have certainly found a favorite in these random designs and amazing colors.

I bought 6ft of 1/2 inch leather strapping for the handles.  It smelled SO GOOD inside that saddlery.  I wandered the full aisles and touched all the things.  Happiness is spending as long as you want in a saddlery.

And then, it was complete.

The sun was blaring that day, but she still looks beautiful.

I hope you have a lovely week.  Thanks for stopping by.



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