01 April 2018

April 2018

A day (or two) late!  Hardly like me... ha!

April 2018 calendar attached for your computer wallpaper.  This one is a mini painting - it's full size in real life is 2.75x2.75 inches, painted today and currently on the shelf to dry for the next few weeks - as it's oil paint.

Remember, click on (to open the larger image) the second pic in your browser.  The first one here is very low resolution and basically only there so to look nice on your phone/email.

To save this as your computer wallpaper, you need to click on the image below to open it; right-mouse click and save it as the desktop background on your computer, or click 'save image as...' then, once you have it saved on your computer, you can then set it up as a desktop background. Strictly for personal use only - not for sale, but totally use it on your work computer if your boss allows.

Thank you!  I hope you had a lovely Easter.


PS.  Remember, you can find me, almost every day on instagram @roomtoflourish and some of my products are available for purchase at Room to Flourish.  I love to do custom orders, so please contact me with any questions.

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