Custom Artwork

This is a very small collection of my commission work, including wedding invitations, logos, brush lettered verses and even the odd crochet project - to name only a few.

You will find a larger collection of my custom work by searching #hollymaybcustoms on Instagram this link will take you there: Holly May B Custom Work.

You can check out #hollymaybpainting on my Instagram account @roomtoflourish.

If you would like to enquire or begin the commission process, please contact me via the contact form to the right (desktop version only), or message me through my Instagram or Facebook page.

Commissioned Artwork:

3 x 4 ft Acrylic on Canvas

3 x 4 ft Acrylic on Canvas

Logo Design:
Click on any image to take you to their website.

Artwork is my own design, the lettering is designed by another designer.

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