22 June 2011

39 Weeks Pregnant . . .

A Night in the Life of Holly May at 38weeks + 5days Pregnant

The time I went to sleep (around-a-bout).

Rudely awoken by a big aftershock.

Still awake from the first aftershock, but got a bit of a fright with this one too.

Another good-sized aftershock which also had me half-sit-up in bed, grab hold of the headboard and wait and see if it was to get any worse.

Sleeping.... zzz....

The time I woke up to the birds singing - bless them.  Please note a hint of sarcasm right there.

This is about the 5th or 6th time I had to get up to pee.  It's very normal at this stage in pregnancy to have the need to 'go' all the flamin' time.

Fourth small-but-big-enough-to-make-me-grab-hold-of-the-headboard aftershock.

Fifth small aftershock.

About when I decide to write all this down.  It was kind of hard to fall back asleep with the earthquakes going on.

This is when I went downstairs to get pen and paper, via the kitchen so I could get a couple of biscuits - 9:00pm is quite early and I wake up VERY hungry sometimes.

Sixth small aftershock.

The time I realise that getting that extra biscuit and putting it next to my bed was a bad idea.  Now it calls to be eat and it's gonna be loud.  Poor Roy.  I already feel a bit bad because I have the bedside lamp on.  I practice self control and have some water instead.

I need to pee again but stay in bed because 'I aint boverd.'

Drink more water so I stay away from that amazing chocolate-chippie biscuit (my fav by the way).

Turn the light off and try sleep 'coz this is ridiculous.

(then I started writing in the dark)

Baby gets hiccups.  "Cute" yeah, sure it's cute when you're not trying to sleep.

I might have felt the last hiccup.  The urge to pee is too much.  Got.  To.  Go.  NOW.

Go pee again.

Roy is about to leave for work.  I get up and go pee, have some breakfast and jump straight back into bed :)

The number of wrinkles on my stomach, arm, neck, face, whole left side, from the creases in the sheets and pillow.

Number of times I woke up with a wet drool-patch under my face.

Number of times I woke up with heartburn.  3 - the number of times I took quick-eze for relief.  The fourth 'bout' I ate that last chocolate-chippie biscuit.  Momentary relief is sometimes just long enough to fall asleep again.

Sleep-time again for a couple more hours before I brave the day.  :)  I also had heartburn again so this time I tried a slice of toast with peanut butter on.  Then I go pee before getting back in bed.

And there you have it :)  My nights are quiet eventful.

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  1. Hahahha This is brilliant!

    What a long night! Roy must be the most deepest sleeper ever.

    I know what you mean about the "cute" hiccups. Maybe the first time, but after that, over it.


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