20 September 2011


Last night was the second night in a row that LL slept through - yes, through the night!  Long may this last!

You must know this about me:  I love to sew.  I also love to crochet.  I have been crocheting to my heart's delight the last few days.  Current project is a cozy blankey.  There is a pic in my last post here of my son wearing the CUTEST viking beanie ever.  I made this and more like it.  If you want to purchase one just flick me an email to inquire.  They come in all sizes, even adult-sized!  Some have just one horn coming out the top, others have two - one on either side, others still have two but one horn is shorter where it must have broken in battle.  They're usually grey to look like metal so just confirm the color beforehand.  I can also make them with red or yellow plaits coming out from either side.

 Have you ever seen a double-ended crochet hook?  I have and I'm curious AS.  Do you know what they're used for?

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  1. So many good bits of info!

    1) YAY FOR LEVI!!! Make the most of it. Loooong may it last.

    2) You are the bomb-diggity and sewing and crochet. Serious.

    3) I have a double ended crochet hook. I'm not entirely sure if its the same kind the video posted (it's not a brand name...) or if the double ends are just for convenience?

    Love that you are blogging more. I'm a blog-a-holic.


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