30 October 2011

Clothing Swaps & Nappy Bags

If you've never been to a clothing swap You. Are. Missing. OUT!

You see, the way it works is this:  you and a bunch of friends, and friends' friends (and so on) go through your wardrobe and find the clothes and accessories that
A.  Don't fit you or
B.  Do fit but you'll never wear again or
C.  Aren't your style any more
D.  Are still in good condition.

Then all of you get together after dinner or for the afternoon, bring some nibbles, and bring those clothes and accessories.  Then, DUMP them in a big pile in the middle of the room and watch the chaos!  FUN!

You'll find all sorts of things that fit you, can be up-cycled, are just plain awesome, and some things that are total no-nos!  Great!  Now go create and event on facebook and do it!  Any left over stuff can be dropped off in a clothing bin, or up-cycled/recreated/re-something-a-rather-ed.

This is what I collected...  by the way, some ladies brought HEAPS of clothes that they were happy to let go of - including kids clothes, partners clothes, the list goes on.

These shirts are going to be transformed!  'Before' and 'after' pics to follow!

This was about the 7th photo I took (of 13).  It was a windy day today and the shirts were being naughty...

I found the 'Transformers' pillowcase (far right) and thought it would be AWESOME for my son - but my husband saw it and decided it was his!

Remember waaay back in this post where I said I had made a nappy bag and I was going to post pics of it?  Well, here is the great big revelio!  No pattern necessary, just whipped it up.

Apologies for lame pics, but you get the idea of it, yeah?

Next time... Crocheted Hair-bows!

 I dig sewing. x

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