23 May 2012

Cranky = Sleepy

When my 10 month old son get's tired, he starts getting naughty.  I think this is because he knows he needs 'something' and gets cranky, then begins to get into things and places that he knows he shouldn't.

Right about here, I'm saying, "Stop it, Little Lion.  That's not allowed.  You know you're not allowed to play with the cords in there."

"Stop it now."

"Right!"  And I get up quickly to pick him up and put him by his toys, the 'ok' ones to play with.  Sometimes, all I need to say is, "Stop it, LL" and he'll back off slowly.  He is learning and it's awesome to see him beginning to leave some things alone - like the drying rack.  Or the bookshelves, sometimes.  I'm learning too, to praise him when he is playing with good toys and after he has listened and heeded what I've asked of him.

But, I was a little slow in the uptake this morning.

This small gap, which I tell him not to go into very often, is what he decided to climb into.  There are a bunch of cables and power cords hidden in there - none of which are plugged into any power outlets.

He LOVES power cords.  There must be something alluring about them, I have no idea what it is.  He can entertain himself for a good half hour if I let him play with a 4-way adapter (unplugged, of course, had to say it).

I was on the couch when he started making 'distress' sounds.  So I got up and had a look, and all I could see was his little butt and the soles of his feet.  I let him stay in there for a good 20 seconds or so while I took a photo.  He started winding up, he was stuck and he wanted MUM!

I carefully pulled him out and consoled him, with a very firm but tender "You know it was silly to get in there, don't you?  I think I'll pop you in your bed and see if you feel like a sleep."

Now, that wouldn't seem strange either, right?  However, the last few days he's been flagging his morning nap and opting for one solid midday nap.

It was about 8:45am when I put him carefully in his cot.  I watched him grab his rattle-bear and give it a big hug while yawning the biggest yawn.  I tucked him in and stroked his pretty head.  And I haven't heard a peep from him since.  He fell fast asleep.

That camera-strap just wants to get into every picture.  I think I need to have words with it some time....

What a cutie.  I love him to pieces.


  1. Adorable! Oh how testing though, at least he is learning :)

  2. CAUTE!

    So amazing that they are starting to learn what we are saying huh! They soak in soooo much


  3. Hello lovely! Totally understand! My little guy has just turned one and he is into EVERYTHING at the moment! Yesterday he opened the cupboard we keep the glasses and cups in, grabbed one out only to promptly drop it on the floor!!

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    :) Hazel


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