25 June 2012

It's the little things

A while ago I was wandering down the beach at Birdlings Flat, in Canterbury.  I've talked about this place before, it's quite amazing.  Sometimes I find myself not look out at the view, but looking straight down, just looking for something to catch my eye or admiring the way the stones cradle each other in patterns.  Laying just the way they fell, looking like they have been brushed clean and placed exactly where they lay against other stones, in lines, in circles, in rows of three or more.

I found a strange set of stones... just laying there, so tiny.  I wonder if they fell that way or if they were placed there for someone like me to find.  Can you see them above?

Closer now.

And here's a perspective shot, you can see how small they were against my hand.  I'm surprised I even picked them out of the 'sea' of stones around me.  I left them there so someone else might find them.  In the photo above, look at about '1 o'clock' from the tiny stones, can you see the big flat stone that's sitting on it's edge, half submerged in the smaller stones around it?  I just love the way they all sit as if at an assembly, right where they fit perfectly next to the other ones.

I'm a bit of a weirdo I think, haha.

Is it just me who notices these things?


  1. haha I'm pretty useless at finding stuff like that but every so often I do, which makes it special I think :)


    1. Totally. Like Max's comment below - how cool is that?!

  2. lovely! and so funny, I noticed the leavfes had blown into a sort of circle on my lawn this morning and I couldn't help but step inside it just in case it was a 'fairy ring". Now who's nuts! x

    1. Haha, how awesome! I'd do the same! x


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