09 August 2012

I dislike corn. I like brooches.

I don't like it how corn:
  • get's stuck in your teeth
  • gets stuck in your teeth even when it's in popcorn form
  • comes out the 'other end' looking just like corn (no matter how much chewing you do)
  • has no flavour
  • is gross
  • did I mention how it get's stuck in your teeth?
I buy frozen mixed veges, almost all the time.  We still eat fresh veges which always taste better, but the frozen ones in a bag are so much easier and less time-consuming to prepare.  And: I almost always try to avoid anything with corn in it.  Until recently.

The specials at the supermarket got the better of me.  It was only $2.99 per kg bag of two kinds of frozen mixed veges!  Bargain, right?  One had pineapple in it (yes, I'm also not a fan, and should it really be allowed in the 'vege' bag?), and the other had corn in it.  So, since I don't go there with pineapple and I hadn't had corn in ages, I thought, 'It can't be that bad."

Tonight I was reminded again 'why' corn is so average.

I grew up with my Mum making toasted sandwiches and often forgetting that all of us kids didn't like sweetcorn and cheese on our toasties.  Ew!  Does anyone agree with me?  Creamed corn, nasty.

I love love loved the freshly boiled corn on the cob though, with melted butter and sprinkled salt.  Mmm, maybe it's just softer when it's fresh like that?

If you like corn, then all the more for you.  If you don't like corn, all the more for the folks who do, right?

On a completely different note , I've been making some cute brooches.

Smiley faces all around.  They're so soft and puffy and cute.

Do you have a vegetable that you really just don't like?



  1. ha ha. I am up and down with corn but I do not like it in mixed veges and pineapple? WEIRD! I don't actually like pineapple at all unless it is on a pizza or in a pineapple lump. I also don't like mango, avocado or cucumber and probably a whole lot of other stuff too!

    1. Lol, cucumber is on my 'don't go there' list as well. And same, probably a whole lot of other veges too.

  2. okay.

    I feel the need to address this. BECAUSE you know my aversion to anything vegetable...

    I love corn. LOVE LOVE LOVE. always have.

    I know.

    Crazy huh. The girl who hadn't tried lettuce until she was 17, and still hasn't tried... everything else.

    You need to ditch the frozen veges. For real. Especially the pre cut up, tasteless crap called "vegetables". They are nothing like the real deal. Corn is delicious. Slap some butter and pepper on that yellow thing and go to town!

    Also, forget about creamed corn. Forgive your mother for ever trying to force that sin down your mouth and repent, do not go there again.

    Your brooches are super cute :)


    1. Hehehe, I would never have known you like corn! Hahhahaha, I'll try to forgive my mother. I hope she reads this post and the comments ;)

      Thank you x

  3. Lol at Soph!

    I don't mind corn, I don't like it in my teeth. I like it on the cob. I HATE mixed veg (as in peas and corn) also, pineapple in the veg bag - yuck!

    However, Dave does this snack where he cooks up bacon and creamed corn and all-purpose seasoning and has it on toast which is actually kinda nice.

    I like how the brooch with the tear is still smiling. Tears of laughter maybe?


    1. Weird. Tears of laughter, joy, rainy-days etc you name it :)

  4. Holly, I received your beautiful card in the post yesterday.
    It touched me so much! You are very very clever (did you really make it with TEA? HOW???!!) I mentioned you in my latest post - my camera is out of action so i couldn't photograph your card, but I have it sitting right next to me and it really did make my day. THANKYOU!

    1. I'm SO glad it made your day! I had been thinking of making it for sooo long. Yes, with tea, just made a 1/2 cuppa without milk or sugar of course, and dipped in with my paint brush. It took a little while to dry in the sun, but turned out just how I planned.

      Thanks for the shout-out in your post, it makes me feel so special right back.

      You're welcome :)


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