10 February 2013

MADE it... {06}

I've been SO busy this week!  I have finally had a bit of actual work to do, hence why it's been a little quiet on the blog front.

This week I decided it was time to make my Little Lion a new beanie.  Almost all of his other hats are beginning to be too small.

I have an enormous stash of yarn to plow through, acrylics, wool, mohair, cotton and few blends here and there.  When I found this yarn, I figured the colour would look great on him so I got started.

Just finished a couple days ago, from a pattern that is ever engraved in my head (aka no pattern, I just 'go').

Beware, cuteness overload ahead . . .


This is what happens when you ask him to "pull a face."

See ya next time



  1. So cute!!! It's awesome How he loves hats!

  2. Naaaaaaw!! What a cutie!!! Love it!

    :) Hazel


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