21 June 2013

Where art thou, snow?

OH I was SO looking forward to snow today/yesterday/this weekend.  Maybe it'll happen yet...  The Christchurch weather forecast says the snow might, maybe, just happen....

Click on image for larger view.

Here's what we got, pic below, then it stopped snowing and began raining.  Not long after the fluff had begun to settle on the little tractor did it begin to melt and get washed away by the rain.

The Little Lion had fun though.  He was obviously well over being cooped up inside so I had to let him go.  Twice I wrapped him up and let him off.  Twice he wouldn't come back inside (without a big protest) until his hands were "sore".  He warmed up quickly, and forgot the cold even faster.  Hence the twice thing.

As usual, crocheting up a storm inside.  Getting excited about Matariki Crafting, looking forward to some fun giveaways afterwards too.  Keep an eye out on Juliets space.


And an afterthought... after all my complaining about not getting much snow.  I really am feeling for all the people who have had a rought time from the (wind, rain, snow) storms going throughout New Zealand at the moment.  Here's hoping everyone has a warm, safe place to go to.

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  1. Im sure youll have plenty of snow soon! Cant wait to see your blog hop creation!


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