05 September 2013

DIYing it

I have this unit sitting in our hallway.  It used to be beneath the TV, but recently, like a couple months ago, we've been given a proper TV cabinet to look after, it looks like this one, and it's awesome.

I don't know what to call it.  A china cabinet, perhaps?  Well, I decided to give it a make-over.

The plan is to paint it up all pretty and sell it off for at least what I've spent on it, hopefully. All of those white 'bits' in the corners are where I've sanded and filled, and sanded again.  I won't be doing a budget job.

One day, I figured it would look very cool if it had legs.  Then, another day I went to the ECO shed/store/place and found four matching legs (eco-store-miracle), and in the box next to those I found four 'plugs' that fit perfectly into them (an eco-store-super-miracle) - which will make attaching them a breeze!

The only problem with the big wooden screws, was they were a little too high to fit under the drawers, so I got out my mitre saw...

And got to work...

These won't be seen at all.

Then, I flipped up the whole thing and marked out where to put the legs.  My drill at the ready.

And about here...

The battery ran flat.

So, now I'm left with this all over my lounge floor...

And I'm a little sad because I have to clean it all up until tomorrow night - or until my Little Lion is having his afternoon sleep.

I'll keep you posted...



  1. cool mitre saw! excited to see it finished

  2. Dang it! That happens to us ALL THE TIME! Good work at the eco store! Looking forward to your always professional finished product!

  3. far out Holly! Completely impressive!


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