18 September 2013

It is finished!

The display cabinet, that once looked like this...

Now looks like this!

Hooray!  Finished!  I'll be putting it up on TradeMe tonight, around 7:30pm, 'Retro Display Cabinet'.

I think it's purty.

Height:  71cm/28inche
Depth:  38cm/15inches
Width:  91.5cm/36inches
Colour: Resene Quarter Fossil
Finish: High gloss, hard wearing acrylic

The legs are painted half-way down.  Unfortunately, all the accessories inside and on it are not for sale.

The sliding doors are strong perspex, the shelf inside is glass.  The whole interior back 'wall' is a mirror.

There are minor chips in the bottom outside corners of the dove-tail drawers.  See pics below.

Just for selling's-sake, if it were to be placed inside a room opposite the window, it could help to lighten up the room with it's mirrored inside.  Just a thought...

If you're interested, or just want to know how much it goes for (here's hoping it 'goes') save it to your watchlist.

Gosh, it's a relief to have this finally ready to go!

Shame if it doesn't 'go'.  Eek.

Watch the process of DIYing this cabinet, first post here, second post here.  Third post, you're reading it!


PS,  Thank you Treena-Marie for helping me take these photos/displaying/lifting/cleaning the fingerprints off!


  1. Wow its come up really nice :)) I do hope you get a good price for all your hard work.

  2. it looks great Holly well done and super styling too x

  3. Well done you! looks great Holly - I hope the auction goes well for you!


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