25 April 2014

While I'm waiting

I give myself reasonable challenges.

Like knitting.

I think I could take up knitting almost as much as I crochet...

That's a toddler scarf on the left, a beanie on the needles (we'll see how that turns out, I'm making it up as I go), one of the two balls of wool I have (a two-strand something-er-rather, I split it down from a 4-strand), and my empty coffee cup (a morning staple in my diet).

I el-oh-ve-ee the way this chunky 100% wool yarn knits up.  It's so fast and particularly enjoyable.

I think those knitting needles are about 7mm.  They don't actually have any number on the sides or ends, they're only the biggest I could find in Mum's collection.


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