12 October 2014

One extreme to the next

That's the speed of life these days.  We were chilling out on Monday (or Tuesday, I can't remember), minding our own business when we got notification of THE INTERVIEW DATE!  BEST.  NEWS.  EVER.

Instantly we were into cray-cray mode, buying flights, organizing a medical for LL and I (which had to be in Christchurch) and gathering [more] paperwork and supplies.

The drive up to Christchurch was "only" 9hrs, including a few stops.  We stayed at a friend's home in Christchurch, who happened to have kids, who had loads of fun toys for our Little Lion to play with, which kept him occupied most of the time.

The next day, the medical went smoothly (and the jabs, and the x-ray).  We had to go to a different location for my chest x-ray, but that was ok.  The weather was warmer than I was expecting so LL and I were a little hot and bothered (roll on Arizona weather, uh-oh).

I had coffee with a dear friend who had a gorgeous little baby to introduce me to.  Her baby was a bump when we left Christchurch in March, so it was a total treat to meet the smiley little babe.

I visited our 'old' pastors from South City C3 Church and was invited to have dinner with them.  LL was stoked (and so was I)!  More friends and more toys, they even happened to have left the vacuum out.  Note:  if our son comes to your house, don't bother getting the toys out - just have the vacuum out and he'll proceed to tell you all about how it works and if it has a blow-function.  Vacuum engineer in the making.

After dinner we went back to lay our heads down in preparation for the drive home the next day.

In the morning we went for a wander in town and took some photos before leaving - I'm so glad I did, just for our own keep-sake.

We made it home safe and sound.  I was loaded up on coffee.  I must say, The Thomas Green in Gore does make nice coffee.  I've been there a couple of times now, just for the coffee-to-go while I've been on a long-haul drive.  Do try that place.  It's a restaurant.  Nice green leather couches.  Gore.  Don't google 'Gore'.

I'm late with my 'Journal' post this month, but I promise I'll get on to it asap.  It's been a little cray-cray around here.

Praise the Lord.



  1. yay exciting! progress! and a super lovely weekend too - hope the next steps go smoothly! x

  2. WO-HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is all xxx

  3. awesome! and yay for going to Arizona. My 'host' family (just like real family now) live in Tucson and we took the kids there almost two years ago. Even in winter it is so lovely!!!

    1. Thanks Leonie! Can't wait to get there!!!!!! If you go there for another visit, you'll have a place to stay with us too, if you need it. :)


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