28 October 2014

We're going!

Ok, so in the last week I went up to Auckland, and back, with my Little Lion.  We had our interview at the US Consulate General, all up about 5 minutes worth.  It was awesome.  I was nervous.  I tried to look as 'normal' as I could but I think all they got was my best "nervous-wreck-but-trying-to-not-look-like-a-nervous-wreck" look.  Real cute.

The interview took place over a counter, between a couple of sheets of glass, and we communicated via a mike at the side and sound that came from everywhere and nowhere.  It was hard to hear everything they were saying, so I was all leaning forward and hearing my best.  LL was a champion, he was so well behaved and didn't mind the waiting between the initial 'hi, I'm here' and the interview.

In the waiting time, I was busting (that coffee I had).  While I had LL with me, mid-stream, the file-alarm started sounding.  The at-least-14-storey building got evacuated and everyone had to wait down on the street until the fire men had checked through the whole building.  It was a bit of an adventure inside an adventure.  But, afterwards, another hour-ish wait, we had our little interview and we were allowed to head off.

We went on a train, we wandered around a mall, we dined at a cafe, I bought a little cute bag for my crochet or pencils or something...  We took our time.  No rushing.  Everything was done.

It was awesome.

The following day we got back on a plane and headed back to Queenstown, preparing myself for the 2-hr drive afterwards.  I suddenly became aware of how blessed I felt that we have been able to visit beautiful Queenstown, live in Fiordland, and see these beautiful landscapes while we're here.  I was taking 'mental' photos the whole time.  Hoping that I can keep them in my memory for years to come.

Now, all our relevant paper-work for entering the US has arrived and we're allowed to go.  We have nothing holding us back anymore.  We can go.

We can go.

WE can go.

We CAN go.

We can GO!

Yes, you betcha I am counting down the days in sleeps!

25 sleeps to go and I see my total babe of a husband.  Not to mention 29 sleeps until we're over the Pacific and in the US!




  1. Wonderful news!!! Hooray hooray hooray!!!

  2. Congratulations and hugs! Have a great journey and enjoy every moment.

    1. Thanks Rachelle! It's going to be a sweet adventure. :)

  3. I am so happy for you and LL. And if you find yourself in the Finger Lakes of NY, YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.


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