17 January 2015


Looking back over the last couple of months, I realize it's been a little lot quiet here.  There has been a lot going on and not much at the same time.  You know how life gets?

I've been baking a lot more than usual.  If you've been following me on instagram you might recognize some of the photos ahead.

I brought with us, from New Zealand, an Edmonds Cookbook.  It's almost a staple in every New Zealand kitchen (am I right NZers?).  Tonight I made some Afghan biscuits, but they were a bit of a fail.  They're ok.  Just not awesome.

Edmond's version of shrewsburys.

These turned out awesome.  Yummy, almost like shortbread, with a hint of lemon zest, two sides with raspberry jam squished together.  YUM.


I found this relatively simple French Bread recipe through Pinterest.  The above picture is actually of my second attempt.  Again, the first attempt was amazing!  These ones, I kind of forgot to knead them a lot, and I wrecked the yeast a bit at the beginning, and I put them in bread tins instead of just on the tray... but they still managed to turn out ok.  I freeze one loaf and keep the other one in the fridge.  It's perfect for toast and grilled cheese sandwiches.  YUM.  Definitely keeping this recipe handy in my recipe book.

As well as baking goodies (I've made a yum banana loaf and several batches of cookies), I've been getting into some fitness.  We have a free gym (and pool) available here, it's 'free' as in we probably pay for it in rent, but at no extra cost, we can use it as much as we want.

My husband and I have been going to the gym, usually he goes one day and I'll go the next.  Or we'll both go in one day at different times.

It has been amazing.  I've worked my way up to running, from being very unfit, and I'm finding that I love running (on a treadmill in an air-conditioned room).  It's a great way for me to zone out, focus, have some 'me-time' and feel great.

I had to get over my panic when there were other people in the small room though.  I get all, 'omg I hope they don't think I'm running out of time (or in time) with the music, maybe I'm running too slow, is my heart rate too high, I know they noticed me look down at the screen, I hope they don't notice that my face is bright red, I'm the only one here sweating with a red face, must look like I'm in my own world, zone out, oops, stay straight on the treadmill, don't fall off the treadmill.'  Haha.

I have been doing some crochet.

This blue-with-brown-fleck is an almost-finished blanket.  Remember this post?  Yeah, it's been on the go for a little while.  A project I brought to the States with me.  I just love this wool.

I found a penpal.  I put stamps on the shopping list and my husband said to me, "Haven't you heard of email?"  Ha.  Ha.  Writing letters is much more fun and I like to draw and write and make things pretty.

Playing with some pencils after listening to a song that I will always love.

And, with the help of packing-paper, a cheerios box, a toothpaste box and some string, I made a cute journal/scrapbook for myself.

Keeping myself busy with painting, drawing, making, doing.

Hoping to get an online shop up and running soon with prints of my art for sale... watch this space.



  1. Wow lots happening in your world over there! Lots of crafting - awesome! I had to laugh at your internal monologue at the gym... I hear you!! Glad it's all going well xx

  2. Replies
    1. Yussss! It's a great 'tool' in the kitchen. xx

  3. Haha - take care on the treadmill - focus! ;) x


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