05 October 2011

Mama Love

Remember the post about 'ponding' ... ?

Yep.  That is all.

Well, almost all.  You see, my boy is a great puker.  He pukes a lot.  Even when he's puked about 549 times, he STILL has some in there to puke out.  I know this from experience, being his mom and all.  Then, he pukes again.  And perhaps again after that too.

I ordered a fancy new nursing bra online - which can be kind of dodgy as you never really know if it will fit nicely or not.  But, it was for a fantastic price and I only had one that fit me well.  It came in the post today!  Yay!!  I LOVE getting mail!  Parcels are the BEST!

So I took it to my room, tried it on and - OH how it fit AWESOMELY!  And so pretty!!!  I thought 'Flag putting it through the wash first, I'm wearing it NOW.'

Ta daaaa, yep.  Can't wait to show my man that one ;)


Little Lion and I were dancing around the kitchen this morning, singing along to songs on the radio.  He loves dancing :)  Probably gets a mad dizzy head from it all.  And now you're thinking he puked all over me?  Nope.  He didn't!  I was quite pleased.

I had put him down on his play-mat after this, I usually lay him straight - so the mat and him are both 'parallel' if you know what I mean.  Then I went to play on the laptop.  About 20mins later I turned around to see if he was ok (I could hear him talking to himself and playing with the toys all happy-like).  He was, BUT he was on an angle.

I tilted my head, sort of like a puppy does when they put their cute-face on, except my face was confused-face.  I was so sure I had put him down 'straight'.  My boy moved himself around!  It's starting - eeek!  I better keep a close eye on him from now on.  He's mobile now in a sort of way.  So I moved him back, we chatted, baby talk, he loves that, big smiles and giggles.  Then I went back to the laptop.

A couple minutes later he started to cry a little, I turned to see what was up ... there was a huge puke over his shoulder, so I cleaned it up and changed his nappy too.  I put a cloth over my shoulder (I usually do this because he really does puke a lot), picked him up then he turned to me and puked again.

It completely missed the cloth, missed his clothes and hit my chest.  Warm, wet, chunky puke.  Gross.  I looked down, it didn't look like there was much there so I wiped it up (after putting him down).  And, 'just in case' I checked down in my pretty new bra to wipe out whatever may have gone down there.  Lo and behold, there was a LOT in there.  Ew ew ew.  I wiped out as much as I could then stuffed the gap with tissues so it didn't feel so nasty, cold and wet.

I had to put Little Lion on the floor before I could go and get changed.  I picked him up (with the cloth on again) and he puked again, all over himself this time.  So I put him down on the change table and wiped it off his clothes.  He was starting to get grumpy so I picked him up again and tried to calm him down.  Puked again.  By now his clothes were saturated and smelled soo bad.

Right, "I understand, you don't like the 'onesie' I have you in.  I'll take it off but I'll keep the singlet on."  Picked him up.... no puke.  Phew.  Took him to my room so I could get changed.  Puked.  "FINE - you don't like that singlet either."  So I put him in his bed in all the gross glory, found some clean clothes for him and got him all cleaned up and in nice clothes.  Fed him a bit and put him to bed.  He was happy.  No more puke.

THEN I went and got changed.


  1. RAHAHA. I love levi <3 and pretty new bras!

    HAs anyone ever suggested reflux to you? Camilla pukes alll the time too. Except some times it seems to bother her and she screams when I'm burping her (and other times it doesn't seem to bother here). My midwife AND plunket nurse this week both suggested she might have mild reflux.

    What about you???

    I'm denying it until it gets baaad and she wont eat because of it. Because she might just 'be a spilly baby'??


  2. I think he is just a 'spilly baby'. It has come up in conversation but the doc and midwife etc haven't suggested that he's got it. He doesn't cry when he pukes or when he's feeding, only when he wants a feed/nappy-change/cuddles. He is sick at the moment so that could be why he's puking more lately... also I can see gross green snot in his puke where he must have swallowed his snot. Not so nice :( Poor baba. I can tell, though, that he doesn't like spewing because often he'll screw up his face and try spit it out of his mouth - yuck taste I guess.

    I'd do the same - be in denial until it's confirmed. He's getting shots on Wed next week so I'll ask about it then.


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