16 April 2013

Feeling Full


Like many others, I had a full weekend.

The kind of 'full' that leaves your love-tank 'full.  The kind of 'full' that doesn't let you get to sleep until 3am, but lets you look like you've slept well the next day.  The kind of 'full' that makes you sleep like a log the next night and then makes you reeeeeally look like you didn't the next day.  The kind of 'full' that brings happy shiny eyes (tears welling) from that unexpected compliment.  The kind of 'full' you get from that long anticipated hug (best hug ever by the way, you made me feel so much love, and that I am important).

The kind of 'full' that puts you on a really nice high.

I was so 'high' during the weekend that all I had left on Sunday were tears.  Good tears!  Happy, exhausted, tired, sad it was all over, sad that new friends were going home, happy I had met beautiful people, sad I hadn't met all of the beautiful people, hopeful they all enjoyed themselves, happy I could go to bed and not have to plan anything the next day.  Ahhh.

SUCH a good weekend.

by Kristy - PaisleyJade

It all started for me when Hazel Superstar asked if I would like to be on board for Craft Love Festival.  I was (and still am) SO honoured to have been asked to be a part of Craft Love Festival.  It was an exciting new adventure and I was ready for the challenge.

We had our first meeting, awkward as it was.  Let's be honest.  We didn't know each other at all and we were sitting in the lounge, watching our two kiddos playing together, some awkward moments of silence... um.  It's funny to reminisce about that first meeting.

We got talking about the logo design, shared ideas, colour themes and such.  I went home and began fluffing around on my computer and put the logo together.  Craft Love Festival had begun.


Friday 12th April, 10pm, market finished, hall empty, peeling masking tape off the floor, there was a smile fixed to my face.

When I got home, I was hyper-buzzing.  My head had been on overdrive, working so hard to stay 'extrovert' all night.  I might have drifted into actual-sleep around about 3am.


Saturday - Bloggers Connecting.  Even MORE epic-ness.  I couldn't wait to meet Kristy, then when I finally did meet her, I didn't know what to say.  Shame!!  She's so cool :)

The other person who I couldn't wait to meet was Simone.  She promised me a hug and she didn't fail.  Infact, it was the one thing that made my weekend.  Seriously.  I had to fight the tears from leaping out of my face.


Saturday night -  I felt like Katrina was an old friend from ages ago, her sister Rosie IS an old friend from ages ago.  I got to wear some shoes that I crocheted some straps for (another blog post about this awesome DIY to follow).

I enjoyed watching the photo props being used with many smiling faces.  I ate a lot of amazing wedges with aioli, lots of feta & olive oil-covered olives, yummo!

My head, tummy and heart are full.

I so, so, SO enjoyed the whole weekend, put together by some passionate and friendly people.  Miriam, the ideas.  Treena-Marie and Juliet, the main make-it-happen-ers.  Sophie, the goodie bag Queen.  Maria, the post-er/techy.  And SO many more:  Thank you!



  1. It was so special to meet you Holly! Been thinking of you lots ... there's not many people that you have a natural connection with so quickly. You all did an incredible job, well done xoxo

    1. Thank you! You've given me a new, positive perpective :-)

  2. thanks so much for all your work too Holly... you have such a lot of talent for getting things done and making them look lovely xx

  3. craft love was BRILLIANT holly, such a great way to kick off an awesome weekend x

  4. So awesome to meet you!!!! Love your creativeness. I felt so shy this weekend but just loved meeting everyone. xoxo


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