20 April 2013

MADE it... {16}

I'll be honest, I haven't made much this week.  I've been relaxing, sleeping-in and enjoying myself.

I have started a little crochet project which I plan on having finished in the next day or two.  I'll fill you in on the details after I've finished.  The colour is more of a denim blue than the purple that it looks here.

This is 100% wool, and SO nice to crochet.  It slides along my Susan Bates crochet hook perfectly; it's just lovely!

I'm using this neat ripple pattern by Attic24 - one of my favourite blogs.  It's great for scarves, blankets, cushions, anything!

I'll be back mid next week, having a little 'continued' break.

See you again soon :)



  1. Awesome! How big is this ripple?

    I love the attic pattern for this, its the best i've come across! Most peoples patterns cause large holes where you increase and decrease, which ends up making its own pattern. I like how tight this all fits in together :)

    1. It's 42 chains, only a little one... not much wider than the pic . I would love to have a massive blanket like hers though.

      I fully agree with you. It's a really nice pattern!

  2. Oh Snap! I am ripplin' too! Same pattern! Using wool even!
    We so awesome.
    XX Amy


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