28 September 2014

Visa News

It's such a long and complicated process, this immigration visa for the USA.  We finally got the 'letter-we-were-waiting-for' a week or two ago.  It had a certain number that we needed to send to the US Consulate General in Auckland, NZ, in order for them to request our case be forwarded to them direct.

That happened.  Then, remarkably shortly later we had an email from them (US Consulate General in New Zealand) giving Roy and I a list of things to do for the next stage.  Roy and I both have to gather a bunch of different papers together and post them to Auckland.  Roy's papers are done, the ones I'm sending can't go just yet as some personal information has to be requested formally and that takes a little bit of time to get done.

Once I have all the paperwork I'll send it to Auckland and then... then they will get back to me with a date for an interview (YES!!!!) and they'll tell me where to go to get an official medical done before the interview.

AND then (said just like on Dude Where's My Car), once the medical is done, and the interview is done, we'll hopefully actually have visas and we'll be able to book flights and, and, and then!!!!!

SO, potentially, in a matter of weeks, like, maybe, dare I say it, 6ish weeks, we might, maybe, almost be in the US, or we'll at least know something awesome.

But, in the mean-time, I'm going to choose joy, and sing, and praise the Lord, because He is good.

After I had written that way-too-intense blog post a couple of posts ago I began to change my tune.  On purpose.  I woke up a day or two later with a new attitude.  We got ourselves into this, we believe it's God's plan for us, we're going to do this and finish it!

I want to say a huge thank you to all my friends, the ones who commented here, the ones who didn't, the ones who prayed, the ones who still are praying, the ones who sent good thoughts my way, the ones who emailed or sent a card, the ones who I've never met in person.  I have felt so encouraged and uplifted by you all and I thank God for your support.

This visa story is far from over, but however longer it takes, we'll get through it.  We'll do this.  Even when I'm having a mad, mid-cycle, moody day (yes I did just say that) I'm not giving up.  We are in this and we are doing this.  "We," being Roy and I, and our Little Lion.

I've been really getting into drawing and painting and art and such - if you follow me on instagram you'll see much of what I've been up to lately.  I've had commissioned art opportunities (plural = happy dance) which I'll be sharing with you soon.  I haven't been very busy, but I've been busy.  The kind of busy that involves filling my days with things I enjoy, and things that challenge me, and things that help others - the best kind.

Thank you for all of your amazing support and happy words!  Watch this space, it's growing and it's changing.



  1. Wonderful news!!!! Hoorah!!! Hearing something is so much better than waiting to hear nothing! fingers crossed it's smooth sailing from here and you'll all get to be together super soon! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers xx

    1. You're so right. Thank you so much for thinking and praying for us! Can't wait to be able to share news of the next step!

  2. Wohoo! Hopefully I will see you soon then- even just for a tiny bit :)
    xxxxx Love Ya!


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