28 July 2017


I did a 100 day project!  And I finished it!  One hundred days of Psalm verse 1.  That means, day one was Ps 1:1, day two Ps 2:1, day three Ps 3:1 and so on.  Please let me know if you'd like to see them all here?  You can look up #100daysofpsalmv1 to see them all on Instagram.

Also... I have begun to finish the rest of the Psalms... so it's turning into a 150 day project.  The difference this time is I'm doing them one every day or two or three, instead of one every day.

I have had the amazing opportunity to put my art in our church bookstore.  What a privilege!  So, the above pic is an 11x14" panel canvas, it's either still sitting in the shop, or it's already on someone's wall, encouraging, reminding.  "You are mine."  There are a few things in my online shop Room to Flourish, and I'm still doing crochet earrings.  I'm currently working on a couple of custom commissions.  How awesome is that?  Praise the Lord.  

I was having a bit of fun with this cheeky kid, playing on the floor.  I snapped a few blurry photos and this one was my favorite.  He is almost 16 months old, and sprouted four molars while we were on holiday.  Yay, for being able to chew food properly.  Not really yay for getting them all while on vacation!

Day one of our holiday, I finished the 100 day project.  Hello, beautiful Tennessee!

We travelled a lot, motel to motel, a lot of driving.  There were two or three nights we didn't have a port-a-cot (pack n play/baby bed) and it was quite, almost, torture.  We bought one for the final three nights.  Seriously, if you plan on travelling with a crib-sleeper, do your sanity a favor and buy a port-a-cot.  Motels 'might' provide you with one... sometimes.  It was awesome when baby was in the provided port-a-cot, we all slept, he didn't take forever to fall asleep, we weren't worried he would roll off the bed, it was lovely.

Carrying on that 150 day project in the passenger seat. I loved the randomness of these, they turned out a little messy from being in a moving vehicle.

Apparently front-loader washing machines are so interesting.  My husband brought the boys out to where I was at the motel laundry and the first thing this kid does is put his head in the door-dent.  I couldn't help but giggle.

Finally, we got home and were welcomed with beautiful, beautiful rain.  It was magical.

Watching the weather in Arizona, all the way from Tennessee, we knew we were missing out on a whole lot of monsoon storms.  So, we were very pleased to catch some of that refreshing goodness.

I took our last two packets of Nescafe Singles (Vanilla Latte if anyone is interested) with us on vacation, but I didn't use them until we got home.  So yummy.

Who knew that a week and a half away from the craft store meant that I couldn't help but go and buy some new yarn?  Dish cloths.  Very pretty dish cloths.

I liked this pic, on our dining table.  I also always wonder if people notice the syringe that is often in my painting pics?  It looks so bad, doesn't it?  I use it for dropping small amounts of water into my paint tray as I go.  It's a great painting tool, I promise!  It was bought as a medicine measuring syringe for baby's Tylenol (Pamol), but we have a few of those so I claimed it.

I was in the art store the other day and saw a piece of birch ply.  Needless to say, it is now in four pieces and will hopefully become loved bookmarks.  They will be finished with scripture and a coat of clear acrylic.

If you made it this far, I want to tell you that I am tired.  School starts up next week, I have a 1st grader (Year 2 in NZ) and he's pretty excited.  I am also pretty sure that the little one is not going to be excited about his favorite person in the whole world not being at home for him to torment.

I hope you are well!  Tell me, would you like to see my 100 day project pics here?  And, what do you do when you have cabin fever?  As in, can't go outside because it's way too hot, not way too cold or raining.


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