16 October 2017

2018 Calendars

I have been making a LOT of things lately!  Maybe it's amazing time management skills, maybe the house needs cleaning...

Moving right along! Check out my 2018 calendar babies, below! Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me about these and bought some, or are looking to purchase in the future, or are cheering me on from a distance.  You're helping me create more pretty things to look at and I couldn't be happier.

I had so much awesome feedback about these calendars, but there was a big request for the same kind of calendar - without scripture. As these are often given as gifts, Christmas, birthday, teacher's gifts etc, I decided I needed to make a 'wreath only' calendar.

So, I did:

I am about to send to print another calendar, US letter size, that will hang on the wall and it'll have enough room to write a few little notes - which is just as exciting for me!

If you love these, you can find them available to purchase in my online shop roomtoflourish.bigcartel.com Remember, there are two kinds, one is called 'scripture' and the other is called 'wreath'.

Thank you so much.  I'll keep you up to date when the wall-hanging calendar is ready for purchasing. I'm around a little more often on my Room to Flourish Facebook page and I'm around a LOT more often on Instagram @roomtoflourish .

I hope you're having an awesome day!

Take care and God bless you.



  1. Hi Holly May, beautiful blog. I love your pictures, they're perfect, the Lord has obviously given you an eye for it! Do you miss NZ or are you able to visit every once and a while?

    1. Thank you! We haven't been back yet, our third anniversary, of being in the US, is at Thanksgiving. I miss New Zealand SO much, but the longer we're here, the more I love it here, making it feel more like home. Our parents have visited us now, so that's lovely!

    2. Oh Ok, yes I know what you mean. We're in Dunedin, and love New Zealand, but we'd also love to live in the US. Main reason being that I can order stuff off Amazon without paying the shipping - haha. God bless, Naomi.

    3. That's a great reason! Haha! God bless you, too! xx


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