20 August 2018

Weekly Printable Planner

If you're like me, you might forget plans easily.  I mean, so easily that a few seconds after a 'plan' has been made, it's gone from my brain, and I won't remember until someone reminds me.

Cue, "Oh, Babe, we're meeting up with the Aunt and Uncle tomorrow for lunch and we're bringing the guac."

Yep - when it was planned weeks ago and I forgot to mention it to my husband.

School appointments, church appointments, life appointments, hang-outs with friends.  I could try to go on, but I'll forget something.

I've been trying to use a weekly planner, a *pretty* one, made by me, in a big book, and it's working!  It's amazing what pen to paper really does for me.  The only problem with my planner is, I have to rule out the lines every week.  I know, I know, it's only once a week's worth of effort.  But I do get bored easily.

So... I made a printable weekly planner which includes some of my brush lettering which makes it super cute.  And, because it has helped me so much, I'm sharing it with you, too.  It's made to my specifications, it works for me.  It's free.

A real pic of my hand-ruled, weekly planner.  Along the left I write in the time, along the bottom of each column I write the date, along the top I circle the month and date.  Then, the rest is easy, fill in the gaps.

The weekly planner I have designed is a two page pdf, in US letter - which will still work for A4 if you choose 'fit to page' when printing.  It looks a lot similar to the pages above, without all my writing. I haven't printed it yet because I made it about 20 minutes ago and we're out of ink.  So, off to the print shop I go (tomorrow, I hope I don't forget), I'll see if I can choose some nice colored paper for it.  There is also a wider margin for binding, if you choose to do so.  PLEASE show me, or tell me if you use this!  It would be so fun to know about.

If you're on social media, tag me @roomtoflourish and use #hollymaybplanner if you're sharing any photos.  How FUN!

Don't forget to have an awesome week!  Link to the pdf below.


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