01 November 2018

November 2018 - and an Update!

In light of my last post, one can only expect this month's wallpaper to somewhat match?

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Newsflash:  We're moving to Tennessee!  Right before Thanksgiving, our anniversary of arriving in the United States.

A little bit of a back-story, we have held a special place in our hearts for C3 (our church in New Zealand) for a long time.  We miss our church family so much! But, we know something special about all C3s, it's the same friendly family no matter which C3 church you're at.

In light of that, we put our love for Tennessee together with our love for C3 and decided that we'd pray and see if our God would open doors for us to move there.  He did!  Roy (my husband) was there for only a few days, he visited the C3 Pastor, he door-knocked for work, he drove around the countryside.  We prayed that it would be clear to us and easy to find work IF we were meant to move to Tennessee.

Sure enough, a job offer, a great reception, the first steps had begun.

There was one big thing that happened a few weeks ago, though.  We got notification that C3 was going to close down.  The following Sunday was to be their last.  No more C3 family.  Not wanting to cause grief or ask the wrong questions, we didn't pry.  We weren't exactly official members of the church there, yet.  We also only had contact with the Pastor and only knew 'of' a couple of people who went to C3 Nashville.

Roy was scheduled to be back in Nashville the next week, the Pastor was out of town so he couldn't meet up with him.

We're still going to Tennessee.  We just don't know exactly what is in store for us with a church, how we'll serve, who we'll make friends with, what we're going to do.  I'll still do my art, there might be more of an open door for markets and fun like that.

It's a weird feeling.  We were so looking forward to the instant 'family' that is C3.  We arrive a few days before Thanksgiving, and I was looking forward to maybe spending it with new people.  But, it looks like it'll just be us this year.

So, it's with excitement that we move, but with a little sadness, too.  I will be missing my friends and our extended family in Arizona so much.  There will be something else in store for us, I'm just not sure what it'll be.

Pray for us, that our move won't be stressful; that we travel safely across the country; that everything will fall into place, like it does, like He makes it; that we find some people who are looking for us, too.

If I'm not back here before, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving for my US friends, and a happy November for everyone else.




  1. All the best for your move, Holly. Praying for a new church family for you - that God will direct your steps to the right place. I'm sure He has somewhere perfect for you all. xx

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm sure he has somewhere perfect for us. I'm praying that it doesn't take very long to find it and we can get settled in quickly.

  2. Wow Holly that’s happy / not so happy. That’s our Christian walk. Uncertainty but here’s to you two brave pioneers. We still miss you. Always will and interested in yr new life. My sons fallen for an American girl and if it works out well be visiting USA. God bless and hang on for the ride of your life xxxxx

    1. Thank you, Sue! We still miss you, too. You'll love visiting when you do! Maybe it'll be close to us, or we might have a house where you can stay with us one day! Good bless you, too. Thank you for your support and prayers. Xx


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