29 June 2019

Did the quilt label work?

Hello, friends!

In my post last week, I was showing off my latest quilty make.  I had used my own printed-on-fabric label design and I had hand-written a personal message using a Pigma Micron Fineliner pen.

These pens are waterproof after drying for 24hours, and I found them specifically in the quilting section of my local craft shop (after searching high and low in the art department that I'm usually more than familiar with).

SO, in theory, I bought the marker from the store as a fabric-marking pen, although I do use them very frequently in my art.

The big question is, though, how well do they stick to the fabric after a good clean through the regular washer and dryer?

Here are my results.

This first photo was taken before the quilt was washed.  It's a close-up of a photo in my previous post.

There are a couple of things to note: The diagonal edge was not folded over.  Because it's cut on the bias, I knew that it was not going to fray like a straight cut along the grain of fabric.  I decided not to fold it over.  I love that I get to show you the 'after-washing' photo of this.

I left the quilt a few days before putting it through the wash, so it was definitely past the 24hr-curing time of the marker pen.

This what the label looked like after a wash.  I used a regular cycle on my washer and a medium heat in the dryer.

You can see the diagonal line has frayed ever so slightly, it's not going to look much more frayed than this.  The hand-written message has bled a little, which I was a bit disappointed about.  But, it's still readable and I'm ok with that.

Other ways to write the message on: hand-embroidery, use a pen that is designed specifically for marking on fabric, or email me asking for a price to have me write your message, then have it professionally printed on fabric and sent to you.  ;)

Thanks for tuning in!

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