23 June 2019

A bright homemade quilt

I am so pleased with this quilt! It is my own design, inspired by all the quilts out there with arrows.  

This is finished at 70 x 85 inches (177 x 215 cm).  The back is a thrifted cotton sheet.  All the squares are cut from fat quarters from Joann - the only theme being the colors are all batiks.  The background fabric is a Country Classics solid.

Half hand quilted and half freehand machine quilted by myself on my trusty Heavy Duty Singer 4452. I love my machine, it's a trusty work horse!

I love to change up the machine quilting, there are slightly different designs in each section.

The colored arrows were machine quilted with orange cotton machine quilting thread.  The negative space was hand hand quilted with white perle no12 thread.

Each of the 22 small arrows were quilted all over, because they're small. While all but one of the 10 larger arrows were quilted in the middle of them, in an area the same size at the smaller arrows.

I switched up the machine quilting designs from flowers and curvy shapes to geometric/dot to dot quilting styles.

It fits the single bed perfectly - at 70 inches wide by 85 inches long.  Using a flat sheet for the back was a great idea, if I may say so.

I made straight binding (instead of bias binding) and I think it made the corners sharper. I'm usually "always bias binding no matter what" so, this is an eye opener for me and I'm pleased I tried it out.

The binding is also made with left-over fabric from the whole quilt.  I love how it turned out with all the different colors, framing it just nicely.

Also, this time I sewed the binding on with a decorative top-stitch.  I had seen this kind of stitching used before, and again, I'm so pleased I sewed it on this way.  Isn't it pretty?

When you finish a quilt, isn't it so nice to put a hand-written message on it?  I designed this quilt label and had it printed on fabric (I have these  and a few other styles for sale if you'd like to purchase, just send me a message if they're not listed in my Room to Flourish shop link). I hand-wrote the message between the lines with a waterproof micron pen, the rest is the fabric print.

Finally a full size picture for your viewing pleasure.

Approved by my youngest, who has decided he wants a white quilt.  I have just the perfect idea for his one.

Have an awesome day!  Please visit my shop, write me something in the comments below, or send me a message!  I love to hear from you.

Also, I promised a giveaway on my last post, so I think it's about time I got to it!



  1. Have you got experience, how do these "Handmade with love" labels stand up to washing and use?

    1. Hi Maria! This is a GREAT question, I'm so glad you asked, because I didn't think to even cover this. I decided to wash it and take some pics for you. Post will be live in about 5 minutes.


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