04 April 2017

Block 2/25 My Queen Size Quilt

Block number two close-up.  I was (and still am) into the color 'coral' so I decided to quilt the whole thing with coral thread for a little bit of consistency.

Things learned:

1.  Don't start and stop each motif in the same spot.  That dark spot in the middle stands out like a sore thumb.  It wouldn't have been so bad if the thread was white, matching the fabric... but you live and learn.

2.  Make each motif smaller.  I divided this 17 inch block into four squares which, after sewing the first one, I realized the area was too big to work with, making it very tricky to move around.  I had a lot of stops and starts and it began to look messy very quickly.

3.  Slow down.  The hardest thing for me was getting my speed right.  It's like patting your head and rubbing your tummy... but speeding up only one hand, keeping the other slow.  When I put my foot down to speed up the stitches, my hands automatically wanted to move the fabric faster.  SO tricky, but so important.  Slow down - but speed up the stitches - but slow down.

Even though I am not 100% happy with the finished look of this motif, I am SO happy to have it.  It reminds me of lessons learned and shows me how far I've come in free hand machine quilting experience and 'expertise', and reminds me what not to do next time.

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I hope you're inspired!  Feel free to pin this and keep it for your future sewing Pinspiration.  I've added some extra pics below for pin-ability.




  1. Number three is so me! Gah I get so tense trying to slow down but speed up!

    1. It's a really hard combination to get right. I'm hopefully going to get some more practice in today. Xxx


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