15 May 2017

Block 16/25 My Queen Size Quilt

A pretty garden.

I broke all the rules here... no chalked out lines, no specific plan to begin with.  Oops.  Sarcastically: can you see all the wobbly lines?

I love this one.  No rules except: go for it.  By this stage in the quilt I had the confidence to make it up as I went.  I came back to spaces and filled them in where there wasn't enough quilting - specifically the bottom areas where there are small plants.

The flower stalk on the far right side was very sparse to begin with.  So, I went slowly back down the stalk and added extra leaves to fill it out.

This block is at the side of the quilt so I quilted the picture sideways: knowing that it was going to hang off the side of the bed.  The photo is rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise to make it 'up the right way' for viewing.

My favorite blocks are 16,17 and 21.  I feel like I shouldn't reveal block 21 until the very end...  would that be cruel?

Thank you so much for keeping up with my quilt blocks!


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