12 April 2017

Block 8/25 My Queen Size Quilt

First of all, hi!  Welcome to block no. 8 of my queen size quilt.

This one: so easy.  Tips for free motion quilting beginners: use chalk and a ruler to measure out the working areas.  I'm going to say that a lot.  Marking out your basic working area is KEY!  Don't worry about the finished sewing lines not looking smooth, or your stop/start spots looking rough.  If you're using a fabric which has a design or print on it, those tiny wobbles are not going to stand out.

I didn't want it to be the same all over, so every now and then I worked the pattern in a different direction.  I used this simple design on a few of the blocks and none of them actually look the same.  It's a great design to use to fill in a large area really quickly.  Each 'wobble' is about the width of my little finger.

Tomorrow, block number 9, also a really basic pattern, but a great one to practice your smooth stops and starts.  Also, tomorrows block demonstrates what happens when you don't mark out your working area...

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