12 May 2017

Block 15/25 My Queen Size Quilt

I know what you're wondering... "Have I seen this one before?"  Well, no. But you have seen two others that are very similar. Block 8 and block 11.  I can tell, just by looking, that this was my first attempt at this style.  It didn't mark out the strips, it's very non-uniform.

After standing back and looking at it without my critiquing eye, it looks fine.  I started in the top left corner.  If you follow the line from there, you'll notice I went all over the place with it.  Who knows what I was thinking when I did this one.  I might have even got this block finished in about half an hour!

Oh, you're going to love the next block, number 16.  It's completely free handed, this time there was no need for chalk (I know!  Breaking all the rules).  It's like a garden.


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