10 May 2017

Block 13/25 My Queen Size Quilt

There you have it.  All wrinkly and wobbly.

Ok, ok.  Let me explain!  This one was my FIRST block.  It was smack-bang in the center, I didn't mark it out with chalk, I had a huge amount of fabric to fight with while sewing, I didn't plan it out at all.

Things I learned.... all of the above.  I'm still wondering if I should add some hand-quilting to this block.  It's the one with the biggest gaps, the most obvious wobbly lines, the most visually-annoying to me.  BUT, all that being said, I love it.  Again, it reminds me of how much I've learned, it reminds me what not to do, it reminds me that it's actually ok.

I'm over the hump now, only 12 more blocks to share, and proudly, they are all much more detailed and pretty than this one.

Thank you!


  1. Love its imperfection. Also love that you are ok with it! xx

    1. Thanks Amy! I knew I'd make you proud! You've helped me a lot with embracing and loving imperfection. I mean that in the awesomest way. Xxx


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