17 May 2017

Block 18/25 My Queen Size Quilt

Five years ago I tried my hand at puzzle quilting.  So, it was only appropriate that I included it here, too.  Definitely mark out the grid if you're going to try this one out, unless you're going for a more organic look.

It was quick to do, you pretty much can't go wrong.  Even when you forget to sew a 'bump' (middle right) it still looks ok.  Every time I look at this one, I think about getting out my fabric pencils and coloring some of them!  It's probably going to happen one day.

To see other blocks from my queen size quilt, click below:

I have decided to share the last five blocks in reverse order.  Eg, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21. Block 21 was the last one I sewed and it's kinda special to me.

Tomorrow, block number 19.

Thanks for sticking around!

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