25 May 2017

Block 22/25 My Queen Size Quilt

Flowers! I was so excited to begin quilting the *next* block (block 21, revealed tomorrow) that I rushed this one.  It is beautiful, but I can see a lot of room for improvement. These blocks are 17x17 inches.  I chose this size because it allowed me to cut the biggest (even) square possible from the fat quarters I used for this.

Fat quarters, in general, are 18x22 inches.  Sometimes they aren't cut straight or they might have a wide selvedge (also selvage), so 17.5 x 17.5 inches was safe, seam allowance included.

Tips for next time: slow down, make the flowers smaller, make more echo lines around the edges of the petals. I marked these out with chalk and barely stayed on track as I raced to get it done... probably during my youngest's nap time.

This would be a great pattern to use on a whole quilt, or for filling in large areas.

Tomorrow, I'll show you my most favorite block!  It was the last one I did in chronological order, too, so I think it shows exactly how far I have come.

I started with block 13, right in the center.  And I finished with block 21. I apologize if I made anyone confused by sharing the last five blocks in reverse order (see pic below).

In tomorrow's reveal, I will also tell you all the information about a giveaway that will run over the weekend.  You'll probably want to 'like' my facebook page early... Room to Flourish by Hollymayb and, if you're on instagram, follow me there, too: Room to Flourish on Instagram.

My instagram account right now is mostly about my #the100dayproject where I am doing #100daysofpsalmv1.  Basically that means, each day I am lettering, painting, drawing or sketching out Psalm 'x' verse 1.  Eg; day 1 was Psalm 1 verse 1; day 2 was Psalm 2 verse 1; day 3 was Psalm 3 verse 1, and so on.  As of today, I'm just over half way through.

Thanks for sticking around!

I'll hopefully see you tomorrow, here, on Facebook or on Instagram

I'm so excited!


See more blocks here:

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